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Physical and Mental Benefits

Long-Lasting Results

Suitable For All Skin Types

Bespoke Treatments

Why Swedish Massage is so Popular

It is usually the greatest option to begin with when visiting a spa or massage studio for the first time. Many people consider it to be the best introduction to massage therapy because it is a more gentle relaxing soothing type of massage compared to deep tissue and deep kneading deeper tissue massages of the east, which often challenge your flexibility.

We also offer couples massage – a dual booking, where you can have your massages  in the same room as each other, at the same time.

I had a wonderful first experience. I had a Swedish full body massage, Alysha really made me feel at ease and it was really lovely to be pampered, I wish I had booked myself in sooner. I’m looking forward to my next visit!



How Much Does a Swedish Massage Cost?
Back – 30 mins – £36 Full Body – 60 mins – £51

Benefits of a Swedish Massage

Improves condition of skin

With so many benefits to your muscles and skin, it is safe to say there is huge improvement on your skin condition overall.

Reduces pain in the neck muscles

This treatment is notorious for reducing the pain in your neck. Therefore if you suffer from neck pain, this is the treatment for you.

Long-Lasting Results

Reap the benefits of this treatment for months after you’ve had it!

Bespoke Treatment

This is one of our bespoke treatments and you won’t find this treatment and service anywhere else!

The Five Fundamental Techniques

Swedish massage employs five fundamental techniques: effleurage (gliding, sweeping), petrissage techniques (kneading, rolling, wringing), friction (warming), tapotement (percussion), and vibration (trembling).


Frictions and Effleurage, which consists of lengthy, gliding, sweeping strokes and Frictions to warm the muscles and work deeply into the tissues to alleviate tension and discomfort. A very soothing massage that can assist with the build-up of tension produced by extended periods of sitting at a desk or computer, going to the gym more than twice a week, playing sports, or the general build-up of stress from daily life.


Tapotement is a type of percussive stroke that stimulates nerves, muscles, and circulation in a rhythmic manner. These strokes frequently indicate the conclusion of a section of massage.


Petrissage uses kneading, rolling, wringing, and lifting strokes which help loosen up knotted and bound muscles and soft tissue, activate nerve endings, which in turn stimulates cell repair and regeneration, encouraging deep relaxation in tissues and muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Other Services we Offer in Conjunction

Shoulder Massage Treatments

Shoulder massage is part of our massages we offer to relieve pain in this specific region and promote relaxation. Long periods of attending the gym without enough rest in-between, can result in inflexible muscle groups or poor circulation in the shoulders, particularly if weight lifting without proper form and posture.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is placed in the same category as sports massage which serves to reduce muscle tension, increase blood circulation – which is known to benefit skin condition, and promote relaxation in your daily life.

Swedish Massage Treatment Mental and Emotional Benefits:

It aids in relaxation and healthy mind, therefore encouraging better sleep and decreasing insomnia and will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

It also aids in the release of tension, stress and anxiety, as well as an increase in blood circulation for overall well being.

Is it Suitable for everyone?

Book your free consultation to discuss your requirements and what you are looking to gain from this session. This will help us gain a knowledge of the duration of treatment needed and the length of each course. The therapy will be tailored to a client’s specific requirements, as no two individuals are alike.

A complete body massage treatment includes the pectoral muscles of the upper chest, both arms, the stomach (if requested), the front and back of the legs, as well as the back, neck, and shoulders.

You may also have a back, neck, and shoulder massage instead.

What to expect

Your treatments will utilise pressure to stimulate your nerve system, as well as to ease pain in the muscles. Swedish body massage aids in the circulation of blood and lymph. Aids in the removal of waste products from deep tissue in the muscles, with special attention devoted to regions of stress.

If our customers are in any discomfort, we urge them to speak with us during the therapy. This guarantees that the client is content with the treatments and receives the most therapeutic benefit. Our goal is to deliver a pleasant massage experience that improves both physical and mental wellness.

We are also fully insured, so can guarantee your safety and wellbeing in our centre during your treatments.

Preparing for your appointment

The first treatment will proceed after you have completed a consultation beforehand. Please bear in mind that a non-attendance will result in a cancellation fee. A repeat appointment in the near future as a follow up from a year ago may be necessary depending on your goals and what you aim to achieve in regards to your health goals.