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What Are Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candling is a therapy that was originally used by native American Indians and the Ancient Greeks.

This ear coning technique promotes good general health and wellbeing, with the main aim of this treatment being to remove ear wax.

These candles will help to fight ear infections and hay fever as well as relieve emotional feelings such as stress. It can restore mucus secretions and help with lymphatic drainage.

Very professional ladies. Treatments rooms are very clean and hygienic.



How Much Does The Treatment Cost?
Ear Hopi Session45 mins – £33

Benefits of Hopi Ear Candles Treatment

Pressure problems

Removes excess wax and acts as an anti-inflammatory.


If you are getting headaches often, then this treatment can help in reducing headaches, as it reduces pressure.


Of course, the obvious benefit is that it massively improves your hearing as there will no longer be any blockages.


This treatment is highly recommended and affordable.

How Do Hopi Ear Candles Work

During this treatment, you will remain fully clothed.

The ear candle is tucked into your ear, specifically, your outer ear canal. The candle is not actually a candle like you may think. It is a hollow tube made out of cotton flax.

The flax consists of extracts of honey extracts, St john’s wort, beeswax, sage and herb oils.

The candle is then lit at the opposite end to the one placed in your ear canal. The oils in the cotton then vaporises and travels down the centre of the hollow tube, then into the outer portion of it.

Warm air that is produced, alongside with the honey and herb oils, softens the wax and it then begins to transit to the base of the candle.

Once this is complete, the therapist will remove the hopi ear candle. Once one ear is done, the same process will occur on the other.

The treatment is finished with facial drainage.

What To Expect Afterwards

Once the practice has been completed, we expect clients to experience a number of positive reactions, some instant.

Clients should feel more relaxed, cleansed and have the ability to hear better.

If for some reason you are feeling uncomfortable or are experiencing possible side effects, then be sure to contact the therapist so they can advise solutions.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

This process will typically last 45 mins, in order to be able to effectively fight infections, remove compacted ear wax from your ear drum and benefit further conditions.

How Often Should You Have This Ear Candle Therapy?

It is recommended that you should have no more than 2 candles, per ear, per treatment.

For the best results, we recommend 5-7 treatments overall and do not advise you have more than one application with a 48 hour period.

Is it Safe?

When done by qualified therapists, like ours, it is a safe procedure for your ears.

We do not advise clients to do this on their own.

It is common for people to purchase their own Biosun hopi ear candles that have their own astringent properties, however if not performed correctly, you can cause damage to yourself.

If you would like more information on the safety of this practice, or you have any questions you would like to ask, then please contact us.

Do Hopi Candles Hurt?

If done properly, then no, they don’t hurt.

This is a quick anti bacterial practice that has no intention of causing the client any pain.