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What is Face Laser Hair Removal?

Facial laser hair removal is a long term treatment we offer in Milton Keynes, that involves laser light technology beaming onto the hair follicles in order to stop hair growth.

The laser will heat up the hair follicle and turn it into dead hair. Because of this, no more hair follicle will be able to grow back in the treated area, which means that it is gone permanently.

The areas we cover with this type of treatment include: Upper lip, cheeks, chin, sideburns, beard, full face.

Our Milton Keynes clinic will offer you a quality service in order to make sure you and your skin is safe. Laser hair removal is extremely popular and our clinic is one of the best in the business.

The process remains as pain free as possible, like all of our other laser hair treatments that you can find on our website.

If you are still unsure about facial laser hair removal, feel free to book a consultation or phone us to find out more.

An overall great experience.



Here is a list of our prices for face laser hair removal:
Upper lip – £35Cheeks – £35Chin – £35
Sideburns – £41Beard – £69Full face – £80
Ear lobes – £22Scalp – £80

Benefits of Upper Body Laser Hair Removal

Self Confidence

Many of our clients have said that the removal of unwanted hair on their face has given them so much more confidence when out in public.

Less Irritation

Our laser hair removal treatments are known for causing less irritation than shaving and waxing and also combats ingrown hairs.

Permanent Hair Reduction

This is a permanent solution to excess hair. This is the only treatment that will get rid of the hair follicles permanently. Which saves you a lot of time from waxing and shaving.

Better Hygiene

Face laser hair removal can improve the overall health of your face. Making it more hygienic and smooth.

Types of Facial Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Milton Keynes

At our Milton Keynes clinic, we are able to remove hair permanently from different parts of the face.

These are our popular facial laser hair removal treatments:

  • Upper lip
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Sideburns
  • Beard
  • Full face

If you need any more information about these treatments, then you can ring us for a free consultation over the phone.

Some of our other hair removal treatments include full body, upper body and lower body. Check out our website to take a look at them and their prices.

Is it Permanent?

Yes, laser hair removal is permanent. So you can say goodbye to hair growth!

If you are wanting a treatment like your upper lip for example, the hair will be removed permanently, whether it is just a hair reduction or complete removal.

The laser will destroy the hair follicle which means it will not be able to grow back once you have completed your course of treatments.

Is Laser Hair Removal On Your Face Painful?

All laser hair removal treatments can be painful, it is not uncommon for clients to feel slight pain or discomfort.

Often, the feeling has been described as a sharp pin prick.

The reason for this is because in order to remove unwanted hair, the laser needs to go deeper into the skin than shaving, plucking or waxing would do.

The level of pain you experience can also depend on other factors such as hair types, skin types and more.

If you are concerned about your pain threshold then it may be worth contacting us before booking a session. We will do our best to make each session as smooth and pain free as possible.

How Many Sessions of Face Hair Removal is Needed?

Most people typically go for between 6 to 8 treatments per area. However, that would mainly be for your upper or lower body treatments. For areas like your face, you may consider a few more in order to get complete removal of hair from the wanted area. In total, it can take up to 9 months for you to fully complete the treatment.

How Often Do You Need Facial Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

Due to the nature of the treatments, we recommend waiting around 4-6 weeks in between each session. This will allow our trained specialist team to perform each procedure in a safe manner that will be most effective.

The skin can be quite sensitive after a session, therefore it is best to let it heal before the next course. If you are still concerned about your skin, then give us a call during our opening times and we can give you advice.

What To Expect After The Laser Hair Removal Sessions

The reason we ask clients to book further sessions is because although there will be some reduction of hair after the first session, it will not be completely gone. This is a process that can take time and a number of appointments to be able to efficiently treat.

When Will You See Results

After a few weeks, clients will begin to see the results of the treatment. Your skin will begin to react to the treatments and you will no longer see any hair growth in certain areas, they will be hair free.

For optimum results, continue with the long term appointments.

How To Prepare for Face Laser Hair Removal

There is not a great deal clients need to do in order to prepare for the treatment. Although it is worth reading our recommendations to have your skin in the best condition possible prior to your session.

  • Before an appointment, avoid sun exposure.
  • Stay away from chemical treatments at least a week before your removal treatment.
  • Do not turn up to your laser hair removal treatment with makeup on.
  • If you have any facial cuts, reschedule your appointment.

What To Wear

No particular clothing is necessary, so we only recommend turning up in what you feel most comfortable in. This will help to make the procedure as comforting as possible.

What To Do After Sessions

After a laser hair removal session, whether it is a full body or face treatment, we recommend moisturising the treated area in order to help the skin heal better and faster. The removal of unwanted hair can cause some irritation to the skin.

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal in general is typically considered a safe operation. Especially at our Milton Keynes clinic.

Eyewear will be provided for this treatment which is one of our safety requirements. Our laser equipment is FDA-approved as well, therefore you can trust our team at the Milton Keynes clinic.

Side effects to be aware of after your treatment include: swelling, redness, and on the rare occasion you may experience burning. Our team can discuss possible side effects with you based on your hair growth, skin type and hair type during your consultation.

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