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Tailored Mask

Deep Cleanse

Personalised Skincare

Soothing Finale

Bespoke Treatment Tailored To You

We begin with an in-depth skin consultation to comprehend your skin’s unique needs and concerns. This helps us curate a facial that’s personalised to deliver optimal results for you.


  • Deep cleansing and gentle steaming to prep your skin.
  • Optional extraction for targeted skin concerns identified during the consultation.
  • Facial massage, exfoliation, and the choice for a tailored mask.
  • Optional touch therapy (scalp, hand/arm, or neck and shoulder massage).
  • Application of eye cream, customised serum, and moisturiser with SPF.
  • Comprehensive aftercare guidance.
  • All-inclusive treatment with no choices, providing comprehensive care.
  • Deep cleanse, steam, and extraction (if necessary).
  • Intensive exfoliation and choice of touch therapy.
  • Tailored mask with a serum infusion for deep skin nourishment.
  • Touch Therapy choosing from: Scalp massage, hand and arm massage or Neck and shoulder massage.
  • Application of finishing products and aftercare support.

Book Your Free Consultation or Book an Appointment

Arrange a complimentary consultation to discover how our tailored Dermalogica Pro Facials can transform your skin. Use our online booking system to secure your appointment. Or Email/phone to book.


Demalogical Pro Facials: Cusomized for Your Skin
Experience the Dermalogica Pro Facial
45-minute session – £65Extended 75-minute treatment – £90

Tailored Dermalogica Pro Facials for Specific Skin Needs

Pro-Clear Facial

Targets acne, acne scarring, and blemishes.

Pro-Bright Facial

Revives dull, dehydrated skin, imparting a radiant glow.

Pro-Calm Facial

Soothes redness and sensitivity, offering a calming effect.

Pro-Firm Facial

Addresses aging and sagging skin concerns.

Alysha is an absolute pleasure to visit, she makes you feel so welcome and at ease.