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Long-Lasting Results

Suitable For All Skin Tones

Improves Physical Wellbeing

Bespoke Treatments

How Does It Work?

Lava shell massage employs the use of magnificent tiger clam shells, a natural by-product of the namesake clams from the Philippines. The shells are polished smooth and then glued back together before a small hole is drilled in one side to allow for the insertion of a heat-producing sachet. The sachets contain an algae and mineral mixture that heats up when mixed with salt water, delivering heat for about an hour. This massage via shells technique releases tension and locates pain points found in numerous parts of the body including the feet, arms, shoulders and neck.

It is not too dissimilar to hot stone massage. Treatments cover all areas of the body including the feet, with the application of firm deep pressure on skin and muscles, using heated lava shells to alleviate deep rooted muscle problems in accordance with your pain threshold.

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How Much Does a Lava Shell Massage Cost?
Back – 30 mins – £40Full Body – 60 mins – £57

Benefits of Lava Shells Massage

Trained Professionals

Our team are specialists at delivering these treatments. Our clients are very impressed with their work and would recommend them.

Releases Tension

This treatment releases a lot of tension and improves the overall wellbeing of your body.

Healthier Looking Skin

This treatment will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of this treatment can last months. It is a great cure for tension and pain.

Beneficial Minerals

Lava shell massage is administered by trained therapists and when heated, the shells naturally release calcium ions, which are delivered straight to the skin during therapy to release tension. The calcium regulates the skin’s natural renewal process and cell regeneration, producing firmer, healthier-looking skin; this, along with the heat from the shell, strikes a balance and results in a far more effective body massage therapy.

What you can expect

Lava shell massage shells releases tension by targeting the pressure points and increasing energy flow Like other massages, Lava shell massage is one of our various treatments which is beneficial in that it will leave you feeling instantly stress free, relieve tired muscles and muscle tension, and a chemical reaction which promotes positive energy flow. In addition to this, it aims to gently exfoliate your skin in a manner akin to a facial.

Hot Lava Shell Back Treatment

Lava Shells relaxation Body Massage is one of our popular massage techniques and is a unique and genuinely soothing treatment which uses the lava shell – constructed from real shells, intended to give continuous heat. Firm deep pressure is directed to the muscles in the back and up towards the shoulders. The warm shells are deal for the onset of relaxation that combines the heat of the shells with deeply relaxing massage methods to restore balance to the entire body and relieve deep rooted muscle problems .

Deep Tissue Massage

Lava shell massage is a deep tissue massage which uses shells (releases tension) which are are rubbed over the body in a full body massage which includes the palms, arms, and legs in slow deep movements to warm and de-stress the back, neck, and shoulder area to take away all tension, knots, and stress as a result of the radiating heat.

Heated Lava Shells Origin

What exactly is a Lava Shell?

Lava shell derives from entirely natural tiger clam shells. It is derived from a food waste product and is obtained in the Philippines. This not only supplies food, but also work for the island’s indigenous industries. The locals prepare the shell for massage by sand polishing it into a smooth tool, gluing it back together, and cutting a small hole to insert the sachet, thus radiating heat.

Eco Friendly Hot Lava Shells

The Lava Shells are natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly as an everyday waste product, and the natural self-heating technology comprised of food-grade minerals includes no poisonous chemicals, produces no hazardous by-products, and is ecologically beneficial.

Lava Shell Full body massage

In the skilled hands of your massage therapist, the warmth and smooth curves of the lava shells will slide over your body, sending you drifting off into a calm and satisfied state. The shells are applied to pressure points to release tension and are massaged across the hands, arms, back, and shoulders to promote warmth and relaxation. Heat is used to the muscles in the feet, shoulders, and back, followed by deep tissue massage to release knotted and stiff muscles and wash away worry and tension.

Length of Treatment

Depending on your preference and the body parts you want to focus on, it is recommended to discuss this with our therapists before the treatment is booked.

Is Lava Shell Treatment Recommended for Everyone?

While Lava Shell treatment is designed to be soothing, remove stress and bring on a wave of benefits, it is not a treatment that is recommended for people who have the following conditions:

Pregnancy, Circulation problems, thrombosis, cancer treatment, epilepsy, vein issues

If you have any other conditions and are unsure of whether this treatment would be suitable, please seek the advice of your doctor before proceeding.