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Indulge in Radiance: 45-Minute Tailored Spa Facial

Unwind and revitalize with our signature 45-minute Spa Facial, meticulously designed to cater to your skin’s unique requirements. Priced at an exclusive £25, this transformative experience offers benefits to elevate your skincare routine and rejuvenate your skin by deep cleaning.

Treatment Highlights

Our expert aestheticians assess your skin’s needs and tailor the facial to address specific concerns, ensuring a bespoke experience.

A purifying and invigorating deep steam cleanse and exfoliation eliminates impurities, unveiling fresh, radiant skin.

Experience a blissful facial massage that stimulates circulation, relaxes facial muscles, and promotes a youthful, Glowing complexion.

A specially curated mask formulated to nourish, hydrate, and replenish your skin.

Complete your experience with a choice between a calming scalp massage to relieve tension or a rejuvenating shoulder and neck massage for ultimate relaxation. Finishing off with applying eye cream,serum and moisturiser.

Unlock a new level of skincare and relaxation with our 45-minute Spa Facial. Invest in your skin’s health and wellbeing for only £25, and experience the transformative power of tailored skincare. Book your session now to embark on a journey to radiant, glowing skin!


Treatment Costs & Packages
45-Minute Tailored Spa Facial Treatment – £25

Benefits of a Spa Facial

Enhanced Skincare Efficacy

The deep cleanse provided by this facial optimizes the effectiveness of your at-home skincare regimen, allowing products to penetrate deeper for enhanced results.

Maintenance and Renewal

Ideal for regular upkeep, this facial serves as a maintenance routine, ensuring your skin remains refreshed, balanced, and ready to face daily challenges.

Relaxation and Wellness

Beyond skin benefits, indulge in a tranquil escape that revitalizes not just your skin but also your mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and recharged.

Alysha is an absolute pleasure to visit, she makes you feel so welcome and at ease.