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Enhances Blood Circulation

Suitable For All Skin Types

Long-Lasting Results

Bespoke Treatments

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an efficient treatment that emerged from ancient practises used in India.

Indian head massage is particularly useful for easing neck and shoulder pain and reducing stress. It also helps to improve hair health by stimulating the sebaceous glands on the scalp, which produce natural oils that strengthen the hair.

We also offer couples massage – a dual booking, where you can have your massages  in the same room as each other, at the same time.

Alysha is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been going to her recently for massages as I’ve been suffering with tension headaches. She has helped me relieve so much tension and stress, and most importantly, she makes me feel super comfortable at every appointment. She’s super talented and I’d recommend her to everyone I know!



How Much Does a Scalp Massage Cost?
30 mins – £36
60 mins – £54

Benefits of a Scalp Massage

Physical Benefits

This massage helps with the following: Insomnia, headaches, muscular tension, physical strains, shoulder and neck pain and more.

Suitable For All Skin Types

This treatment is available for all skin types.


The results of this treatment can be noticeable for months after.

Bespoke Treatment

This is one of the more bespoke treatments we offer. Performed by our trained specialists.

Holistic Treatment

Body Massage

Body Massage is an umbrella term that covers the neck, upper back and upper arms to relax muscles in the whole body.

Massage helps to relieve the build-up of stress and tension from daily living by boosting oxygen flow and assisting the body in removing toxins. Massage treatments include the following:

Hot Stone Massage treatment

Hot Stone Massage uses heated stones which reach a temperature range of 48 to 54 degrees celsius.

To warm up your muscles, a hot stone massage may begin with a standard Swedish massage method. The heated stones will then be placed on important acupressure spots on your body by your spa therapist. The stones will warm and relax your muscles, allowing for deeper pressure during your massage.

Your spa therapist will massage your neck, back, arms, and legs with and without the stones, using massage oil and a variety of strokes and methods. If the stones are too hot or the pressure is too strong, always notify your spa therapist.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a type of whole-body therapeutic massage that works on the soft tissues and muscles to restore health, soothe and regulate the nervous system.

The massage therapist employs five different types of massage techniques: stroking and gliding; kneading; rubbing; tapping or hammering; and vibration.

Deep Tissue Massage treatment

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage based on Swedish methods that manipulate soft tissue with pressure with rigorous methods created expressly to prevent and treat sports injuries in day to day life.

The major advantages of getting a sports massage treatment are that it aims to relieve tension, increase muscular flexibility, and reduce muscle tension.

Who it is recommended for

Massage is used to promote physical wellness as well as relaxation. A good massage may help everyone, whether they lead an active lifestyle or a more sedentary lifestyle.

Planning your Appointment

What to expect

You can rely on our first rate experience and attention to care; we are also fully insured and place customers first. A pleasant head, neck, and shoulder massage can help you relax; one of our therapists will discuss the procedure with you beforehand.