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Dealing with cancer as well as other illnesses like neurological problems, is a difficult life experience filled with stress that disrupts your usual routine and fills you with uncertainty. While a few hours at a spa centre might be a nice retreat from the gruelling cancer therapy, there are a few things to consider. In this guide, we offer advice for some of the most frequently asked concerns regarding enjoying a spa experience before and after cancer treatment. People living with cancer are particularly cautious, and endeavour to undertake a healthy living lifestyle, which is possible with the made for life foundation we developed, alongside the made for life organics line.

Many people are surprised to learn that some treatments and facilities might be off limits for cancer recovery clients. Not only that, but at such a delicate moment, the last thing you want to do is discuss your health on a consultation form ahead of choosing your massage treatments. We aim to support you in such situations as part of our service.

We also offer couples massage – a dual booking, where you can have your massages  in the same room as each other, at the same time.

Thank you, Alysha for a wonderful treatment session. Massage and Reflexology were just what I needed, leaving me much refreshed.



How Much Does This Treatment Cost?
60 mins – £61

Benefits of Made For Life Cancer Touch Therapy

Performed By Specialists.

Promotes relaxation at a particularly difficult time, is a good day out at the spa centre, is provided by therapists with training in the field who can offer beneficial, suitable advice for cancer patients.

Physical Improvement

Our leading made for life beauty treatment service is proven to be a great support and has an aim to support with sleeping problems and boosts immune responses.

Extremely Relaxing

Every massage service includes a beneficial made for life foundation cancer touch therapy to boost immunity and promote a deeper sense of relaxation. These reflex sites are stimulated to improve your overall well-being, resilience, and immunological response. As your massage comes to an end, a simple yet powerful guided meditation will slowly awaken your body.

Bespoke Treatment

This is a highly recommendable treatment for a lot of people. One that you can’t find in many places, with as good of a service like our professionals.

Life Foundation

We have developed a leading made for life foundation with the aim of providing a suitable spa treatment menu that is dedicated to and focused on treating customers who are recovering patients, presently undergoing cancer treatment, or in remission from cancer.

Our made for life foundation ethos is fully reflected in our lovingly hand blended, made for life organics life products which go hand in hand with our made for Life organics spa beauty treatments offered to support our clients.

It is our objective as part of our made for life foundation to do everything therapeutically in the process of assisting you in escaping from daily worries and discomforts linked with cancer treatment, neurological problems and other illnesses and the accompanying side effects you may be recovering from.

Certification and Education

Accredited Cancer Touch Therapy Training and Education

Using accredited Cancer Touch Therapy training and education, the therapists employ touch slightly above the body’s surface in therapeutic touch. They believe that using accredited Cancer Touch Therapy training and education has an effect on the energy field that surrounds each individual and that they can function as a conduit for the healing energy. Some therapists believe that therapeutic touch provides them with important assistance. Inform our therapists if you experience any pain throughout the session.

Made for Life organics beauty treatments offered

Our made for life foundation therapists have received a London school education and training in leading, accredited Cancer Touch Therapy developed alongside oncology experts, allowing us to provide the best possible care to those guests who require it the most for their wellbeing and general healthy living ethos. The education and training received in the London school of cancer touch therapy, provides leading knowledge and research in its field. This is the foundation for our Made for Life organics beauty treatments offered.

Using cancer touch therapy education and training, these therapies performed by our therapists are also appropriate for anyone suffering from Parkinson’s disease, neurological issues, or anybody dealing with loss, burnout, or stress, leaving you in good company at our spa centre.

Through expert education and training at a London school centre, we have engaged in leading, comprehensive in person knowledge and education in the field range of Oncology Massage and Facial and beauty treatments for treating cancer patients.

Through our spa centre made for life foundation we developed life organics beauty treatments as part of our life organics philosophy with the greatest care – undertaking the specialised education and training alongside oncology experts at a leading London school, and are in a position to offer suitable advice. Our range of beauty and spa products are lovingly hand blended and we are against animal testing and our made for life organics treatments are developed alongside oncology experts.

We are trained in a curriculum approved by and developed alongside oncology experts and have the expertise, skill set, access, and supplies to provide a range of safe and caring massage and beauty facial services with soothing movements tailored to serve a patient through cancer treatment or in remission and aid their mental wellbeing. We organise and customise the beauty treatment totally around the customer utilising gentle touch and loving materials in a tranquil atmosphere, from Massage, Pamper Packages, and Relax Packages to beauty Facial beauty treatment through our made for life organics treatments offered.

Similarly, as part of the rehabilitation programme, our therapists provide massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture/acupressure, and reflexology to recovering cancer patients.

In recent years, there has been a trend in the spa sector to educate therapists and spa management (general manager)with the aim of learning about what is and isn’t possible. The goal is to give an education to industry personnel so that no recovering cancer patient is turned away from a spa or centre.

Massage Treatments

This sort of therapy is frequently provided for people living with cancer as part of beauty treatment at a spa centre, hospice, specialised company, community health agency, and some GP practices. Massage therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, and supplementary therapists can all do it. We specialise in this beauty treatment for people living with cancer at our spa centre and can provide suitable advice on the best method, using our made for life organics beauty treatments offered.

Massage therapists can massage using soothing movements tailored to the entire body or concentrate on a specific area, such as the hands, face, shoulders, or feet. This implies you don’t always have to undress to get a massage, with soothing movements tailored to your treatment.

healthy living with the aim of using made for life foundation made for life organics treatments.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support helps people living with cancer in many aspects of their life. Traditionally, a general manager at a spa company will have erred on the side of caution and refused to treat patients who have not completed a five-year remission period. However, two NHS Trusts are setting the standard for prescribing alternative medicines to cancer or recovering patients.

Acupuncture, massage beauty treatment, reflexology, and yoga are among the alternative therapies given to NHS recovering patients at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, a specialised cancer hospital in London through registered charity, Macmillan cancer support. Macmillan Cancer Support also offers suitable advice regarding treatments.

Made for Life Healthy Living Milton Keynes Spa

made for life foundation is in support of healthy living at our spa. made for life foundation is against make up animal testing; animal testing goes against our made for life organics philosophy and we support condemnation for animal testing.

Made for life spa make up packages to support people living with cancer. The greatest care is taken to provide our clients with suitable spa make up and beauty treatments and support as part of our made for life spa service. It is a beneficial spa treatment to support the wellbeing of people recovering from as well as people living with cancer

Aromatherapy massage spa treatment

We minimise the volume of scented oils in our spa treatments so that it is not overwhelming for patients who are undergoing cancer treatments. We use our lovingly hand blended Made for life range

Full Body Spa Massage

A truly soothing and gentle full body massage spa therapy uses a variety of motions to support the mind and body, adjusting around cancer sites or treatment regions. Prior to all spa treatments, a comprehensive consultation is performed to ensure that safety techniques and modifications are in place throughout and to allow for a calm flow of massage.

If necessary, we can integrate cooling compresses into the therapy to reduce hot flushes, as well as a moderate cooling spray to the face and scalp to relax and alleviate inflammation.

We utilise light oils or balms to induce deep relaxation of the tissues and encourage deep belly breathing throughout, focusing solely on the back, neck, and shoulder region.

For a more intense relaxing spa therapy, the treatments can be carried up into the scalp.

Beauty spa Facial Beauty spa

Make up spa Treatments

Cancer treatments can stress the skin, making it appear dull, flushed, and dry. Allow us to analyse your skin and create customised beauty facial spa treatments to support you. Your beauty spa facial includes lymph drainage, a face, scalp, hand, and arm massage, plus a choice of soothing or lifting music. The advantage of a beauty facial is that it is largely non intrusive and can cater alongside your cancer therapy, making it a suitable spa therapy.

Our beauty spa facial employs mild and suitable solutions that nourish and feed the skin from the outermost layers to the tissues beneath the skin’s surface. In order to encourage feelings of wellness, a stress free mood and to improve the overall complexion, we combine mild face, decollete, and scalp massage into our full beauty spa facial. A cooling mist refreshes overheated skin, while nourishing balm rehydrates dryness.

Beauty spa facial and body oils, we access the back, neck and shoulders, scalp, skin, and feet using our suitable made for life’s treatments which are lovingly hand blended.

The full body massage includes a beauty spa facial; the half body massage includes a back, neck, and shoulder massage, as well as a scalp massage, foot massage, and skin.

All products are intended to moisturise the skin while also aiding in the prevention of some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the hair, skin, and nails in particular.

Tailoring Products

In order to provide aromatherapy support to our consumers, our spa products include extremely small traces of essential oils in safe amounts to make it suitable.

Developed for and utilised on cancer patients already undergoing treatments. Those with hot, red, itchy, sensitive, or reactive skin. The balm-based products can be intensely moisturising, cooling, and supportive of the body, skin, and scalp.

Myths Surrounding Cancer Massage

There are several fallacies about whether spa massage is safe while receiving cancer treatments or for people with a history of cancer. According to a recent poll, 97% of UK spas and salons would refuse to treat someone with cancer, and industry insiders agree this is due to a fear of the unknown and lack of training.

There has never been a reason to exclude persons with cancer from massage treatments, and anybody who has been impacted by cancer would know that all hospices in the UK give massage therapy support for the patients’ benefit. We also know that when we are sick, there is a strong need to be regarded as ‘normal,’ to be free to select where, when, and what treatments we want to undergo, and, most importantly, to be able to put on a brave face in front of our friends and family, which is why support is important for our wellbeing.

The truth is that supplemental spa massage treatments are completely safe if certain precautions are taken. Indeed, several cancer centres and hospitals in the United Kingdom now provide massage treatments to support patients.

Massage treatments are a great form of support in coping with general tension, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. It assists cancer patients in a safe and efficient manner in our spa centre.

Massage therapy’s goal is to relax you psychologically and physically by: relieving tensions with soft touch. It can support you to feel better and it can support you to sleep better.

Through a compassionate and nurturing service, it can assist you in managing with stress, anxiety, headaches, and discomfort.

Why Some Massages are not Suitable for Cancer Patients

There are many different styles of massage, but only a handful are acceptable for people undergoing treatments or recovery – some may place too much stress on the body at a time when it is trying to heal itself and not provide adequate support. Deep-tissue massage, for example, is not appropriate since it causes histamine release in the body and can cause micro-tears in the muscle. Furthermore, while we know that manual lymphatic drainage treatments can be beneficial in some cases of lymphoedema, it takes highly competent, trained therapists. Cancer massage does not entail bypassing sections of the body; rather, it necessitates a grasp of the contraindications and the ability and support to adapt to the person.

Practical and Emotional Support

Our trained therapists provide emotional support and our therapies can be customised to individuals suffering from any of the symptoms, degrees, or stages of cancer. The unique experience helps to support and moisturise skin while soothing the mind, aiming for relaxation and to rebalance the body.

It starts with a light oil massage, followed by a personalised meditation session to help you relax, rejuvenate, and reduce concerns throughout your cancer journey which is undoubtedly a life changing event.

Our therapies are good for people who have been coping with anxiety, help support them to feel stress free but they are especially meant for those who are undergoing or recovering from cancer and other illnesses like neurological problems, and they have been created in collaboration with oncology experts to provide suitable advice.

Length of Treatments

The length of treatments might range from a few minutes to an hour or longer, depending on how a person is feeling that day and their cancer prognosis. Depending on the individual’s demands, the treatments might include covering the entire body, or only the face and head, hands, or feet depending on what is suitable.

It is an honour to be able to make a tiny difference in people’s lives by providing treatments, support, suitable advice and assistance during such difficult times, within our spa centre.

Tailored Treatments to support specific needs

Massage treatments take the following factors into account to provide adequate support and suitable advice:

Cancer treatment

Low red blood cell count

Clots in the blood

Metastases in the bones

Radiation therapy or surgery



Bone ache

Lymph node removal



Medical equipment (venous access devices, drains, pumps, shunts, collection bags)

Delayed effects of cancer treatments

How are these massages different?

These massage treatments use less pressure than a regular massage, for better placed support. Any part of your body with weakened lymph nodes will undergo treatments with extreme caution.

The position you lie in will be changed to fit any surgical or radiation sites or unique medical equipment you may have, depending on the difficulties specific to your body.

If you have low blood levels, you may be given a mild approach to address the possibility of easy bruising.

Oncology Massage Treatments

Oncology Massage Benefits

Oncology massage has been shown in clinical studies to support wellbeing and alleviate cancer therapy adverse effects such as pain perception and anxiety. Massage advantages may also include:

Pain and weariness are reduced.

Reduced anxiety

Reduced nausea.

Sleeping better

Isolation was alleviated.

Support a sense of well-being

Enhance Peripheral Neuropathy

Advice on best treatment to choose

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage developed alongside oncology experts is a series of modified massage, relaxation, and pampering beauty spa treatments meant to assist, nourish, and produce a sense of peace and wellness in those receiving cancer treatment or who have a history of past cancer with the greatest care.

These spa treatments are provided by trained Oncology Massage therapists, who tailor the therapy to the client’s specific needs in a caring, safe, and aware manner and offer suitable advice.

Made for Life Organics

Cancer Touch Therapy Made for Life Products

These relaxing therapies, which use 100 percent organic materials made for life organics and specialised relaxation techniques and support wellbeing, were created in partnership with oncology experts and are appropriate for persons living with and beyond cancer.

Our trained therapists have been educated in approved Cancer Touch Therapy by the Made for Life Foundation, allowing us to provide the best possible advice and care to those guests who require it the most. These therapies are also suitable for anyone suffering from Parkinson’s disease, neurological issues, or anybody dealing with loss, burnout, or stress to help support wellbeing and being anxiety free.

Made for Life Organics Treatments

Our trained therapists provide a range of suitable massages to cancer patients with the greatest care to support their wellbeing through made for life. Anyone going through cancer will recognise the tremendous benefits that physical contact on the body and soothing methods may provide. The physical pain and suffering of cancer therapy, as well as the psychological anguish, can become overwhelming and frustrating, including for the family of the patient as they undergo their cancer treatments.

The massage treatments have been developed expressly for the needs of cancer patients and family in order to relieve tension and fatigued muscles while avoiding compromising deep tissues. The items used have been sought on the advice of oncologists and chosen to assist heal and restore sensitive skin and body.

The massage treatments are meticulously developed and adjusted to be suitable to each person using soothing movements tailored with the aim of allowing all clients to benefit from the profoundly therapeutic results. Everyone’s experience with cancer is unique. Our trained therapists understand the best times to give body massage during the various stages of chemo, radiotherapy, and hormone therapy among other cancer treatments. The new suitable therapy regimens may be tailored to support every individual’s needs and this is fully reflected in our service.

The range of suitable therapies are similar to a holistic make up in that they allow the body to reach the parasympathetic state, in which the mind and body are urged into a ‘state of accepting.’

Beauty Spa Facials

Made for Life Organics 70 Minutes

A made for life beauty spa facial service for calming the mind and reducing tension to support people suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or neurological issues.

This beauty service provides restoration on all levels – mind, body, and emotions – as well as a natural immunity support.

This extremely soothing and nurturing spa routine is suited for everyone and has been designed to help you achieve a state of inner serenity and quiet. Gentle touch is performed to the scalp, face, back, and shoulders in a smooth, gradual, and rhythmic manner. Slow motions help to rebalance and soothe the upper body.

The beauty spa facial relaxes any stress in the face while also replenishing, nourishing, and revitalising the skin with delicious 100 percent organic oils and balms. (This is especially appropriate for persons who are battling or recovering from cancer.)

Cancer Touch Therapy Made for Life Organics 55 Minutes

Completely relaxing made for life beauty treatments consisting of calm, soothing motions adapted to support your specific requirements.

A very calming series of gentle, soothing motions adapted to support your specific requirements. A soothing and caring touch to the whole or section of the body causes profound relaxation, allowing you to discover calm and appreciate the present moment; a support for cancer patients.

Cancer Touch Therapy Made for Life Organics Short - 25 minutes

Beauty Facial Soothe & Nurture

This relaxing made for life beauty treatment will rebalance, decongest, and support the skin. It is also appropriate for cancer patients as per general advice. This gentle soothing treatment for the head, back, and shoulders helps you to totally relax into a contemplative state.

For those who are short on time and simply want to ‘catch their breath,’ this caring back, head, and shoulder technique can support you to slowly drift away and rest. To provide you with a profound sensation of rest and relaxation, your trained therapists will employ gentle, calming, and compassionate touch therapy together with 100 percent organic oils and balms. (This is especially appropriate for persons who are battling or recovering from cancer.)

Lymph Nodes

While massage increases lymph and blood circulation, it is also boosted by taking a warm bath, climbing stairs, and going for a quick walk. The body needs flow and movement to function properly.

Lymphocytes (White blood cells that are part of the immune system; they guard against viral infections and cancer and are located in the lymphatic system, where they pack into lymph nodes) (or lymph glands)

Relaxation appears to boost the immune system when our body’s autonomic nervous system transitions from ‘fight or flight’ mode (sympathetic nervous system) to ‘rest and digest’ or ‘feed and breed’ mode (parasympathetic nervous system)

Beauty Massages

Massage Made for Life Organics Mindful Moments 55 minutes

Beginning with Mindfulness, this beauty made for life massage includes a soothing foot ritual, scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, as well as a firm and profound back massage to cleanse the mind and heal the spirit.

Organic Made for Life Sole Sensation 15 minutes

Following a rosebud foot bath and exfoliation, a relaxing leg and foot massage with cooling peppermint, healing rosemary, and Made for Life Organics 100 percent organic oil is performed.

Customer Care

We may request documented medical consent from a GP or Medical Team in rare circumstances. Prior to contacting a GP for written approval, we will always obtain written permission from the client. Clients are free to deny medical team consent and instead sign our self-certification disclaimer form agreeing to treatment.

All made for life Oncology Massage packages include moderate pressure, and harder, Swedish, or Deep Tissue pressures are never used in these packages. Light-medium pressures will be used for all packages. These treatments are intended to calm the body by gentle “lotioning” of the skin rather than muscular manipulation. Our trained therapists do not target muscle stress or neurological problems and any other illnesses related to this condition. Clients with neurological Problems are also advised against this type of therapy.

Clients taking IV Chemotherapy must wait at least 48 hours after their infusion before meeting any of our trained therapists. Clients getting Brachytherapy (or “hot seeds”) radiation are considered unsafe for treatments until declared safe by a medical practitioner.

Can you go to a spa while being treated for cancer?

It is possible to go to a spa centre while undergoing cancer therapy. Spas, in fact, may be an excellent approach to promote wellbeing and relaxation, both during treatment and recuperation. There are, however, a number of fully reflected points to consider, including:

– Surgery: If you have recently undergone surgery (of any kind), most spa facilities and treatments will be off-limits to you. Six months is frequently the bare minimum of time required for recovering after surgery.

– Treatment: The sort of cancer treatment you are receiving may have an influence on the spa treatments and facilities available to you. People living with cancer can differently to cancer therapy, consult with your doctor or a nurse.

– General health: Before attending the spa centre, ask your doctor if you have any other health issues or underlying neurological problems.

Our Policy

You should be aware that we have cancer specific policies, which means that some treatments and amenities may be limited access or unavailable. In some cases, a doctor’s letter may be necessary. Please let us know at the time of booking, or contact the general manager at the spa ahead of time, to guarantee you are not disappointed.

Informing the Spa Centre

It is critical that you inform the spa about your cancer. The regulations may appear to be unjust, yet they are in place to protect all guests’ health and safety. Because not all therapists are trained to serve cancer patients, being transparent about your health will be fully reflected and guarantee you have a safe and stress free spa visit at the centre.

Neurological Problems and other Illnesses

People living with cancer have a multitude of factors to consider upon entering a spa for their general wellbeing. The following conditions are regarded hazardous for treatment, and we request that complete medical consent be acquired prior to your appointment, stating that you are free of these conditions at the time of treatment: Measles, Chicken Pox, Shingles, Conjunctivitis, Any Symptoms of Infection or Fever, High or Low Blood Pressure (as reported by the client as onset after the previous medical visit), Thrombosis or Embolism, Circulation or Blood Disorders, Illness or Migraine, Nervous System Disorders, Skin Thinning Drugs Treatment cannot begin until medical permission is obtained.


Prior to each treatment and as part of our service, we conduct a thorough, free in person consultation with the client at the spa centre. Questions about cancer treatments will be asked in order to ensure that safety precautions are followed and to allow us to tailor our service to cater to various treatment areas, or any other contraindications.


We urge that customers with mobility challenges or who may require access help on the day feel free to notify us well in advance, so that we can build in extra time to your treatment allocation and make any required adjustments, leaving you in good company, support and the ultimate setting to provide relaxation at our family friendly spa centre.

For more information, please call or message us; alternatively you can speak with the spa centre general manager.