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Henna Brows, What Are They?

Henna Dye is a traditional and natural product used in South Asia to stain the skin to create patterns on hands and feet or to dye hair. It has become a popular beauty treatment in the UK due to its long lasting effects and few side effects.

Henna dye will be applied to your brows, it will stain the skin underneath the eyebrow hair to provide a darker and more defined shape to your brow.

It is a cheap and quick solution to other forms of brow enhancements with longer lasting effects.

Henna is a great alternative for those clients with stubborn brows that do not take to standard tinting.

Henna is a natural product that is used and gives the client strong colour and defined eyebrows.

We will match the henna tone to your colouring to ensure a natural result

As always an absolute joy, thank you so much. Can’t wait to for my next sessions.



How much does the treatment cost?
Henna Brows Treatment – £27

What Are The Benefits of Henna Brows?

Instant Results

Once the henna has been applied, the results of your brows will be visible instantly.


The dye is made from natural henna plant.

Long Lasting Results

The results can last weeks, even months in some cases!

Very Affordable

This is one of our most affordable bespoke treatments.

What are the risks of Henna Brows?

There are very few risks, it is a non-invasive and semi permanent treatment.

However, some customers are allergic to Henna so be sure to have a patch test prior to the appointment.

How many sessions are required?

Every new client will require a patch test 48 hours before any treatment can be done. Once this process is complete your henna brows can be done in just one session.

This treatment is temporary and will require clients to come back to maintain their brow enhancements, the more sessions you have with us the more we will be able to get to know your individual brows and so will be able to work out how often you need to come in.

How long does the treatment take?

The henna dye is applied to the eyebrows in the requested shape, it is left on for between 15-20 minutes to stain the skin.

The residual product is removed to reveal dark and a perfectly defined brow shape.

How long will the Henna last?

Henna Brow can last from 6-8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

This is a huge improvement on regular a tint which last just 2-3 weeks.

This treatment is perfect for clients whose brows do not take to tints or are unruly.

In just 30 minutes clients can have fuller and more defined brows.

Additional information

Please note: All appointments now require a 10% non-refundable deposit upon booking and patch tests are required on lifts and tints. The patch test is required to be done 48 hours prior the appointment.

If you have had any treatment with us in the past, you are a returning client. If not, you are a new client.

New client? Book your patch test here.

Returning client? Please book here.

Corporate client? Please book treatments here.

If you don’t see your preferred treatment, or require further information, please call or email us at Or pop into our salon in Milton Keynes.


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