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Reduced Hair Growth

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Bespoke Treatments

Personalised Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal is the single most effective hair reduction treatment available on the market today. Using medical-grade lasers, our beauty and wellness experts provide a fast, safe, and effective alternative to shaving and waxing with long-lasting results.

With the latest ‘crystal freeze’ technology, Infusion Wellbeing’s careful and considerate practitioners use fast and effective laser diodes to target hair follicles and prevent future hair growth. Our unique and highly advanced laser hair removal system cools and soothes the skin whilst treating it. This offers a degree of protection that ensures our treatments are painless – causing little more than a slight warming sensation while leaving you with smooth, hairless skin.

Pay as you go discounted packages available for this treatment

Laser hair removal treatments are versatile and can help to remove hair and reduce future growth almost anywhere on the body. Infusion Wellbeing’s specialist therapists offer a huge array of bespoke laser hair removal treatment options, including:

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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Upper Lip – £35Cheeks – £35Chin – £35
Sideburns – £41Beard – £69Full face – £80
Ear lobes – £22Scalp – £80
Upper Body
Neck – £46Shoulders – £92Half arm- £58
Full arm – £92Lower back – £92Stomach – £80
Underarms – £58Chest – £126Full back (Excludes Shoulders) – £149
Lower Body
Bikini – £58Brazilian – £75Hollywood – £103
Half leg – £103Full leg – £137Buttocks – £80
Feet and toes – £41Fingers and toes – £41
Full Body
Full body & face – £398

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Reduction in Hair Growth

Our cutting-edge laser hair removal treatments can provide a permanent reduction in body hair and actively prevent future growth. Hair that does grow back is typically lighter and finer, leaving you with softer, smoother skin.

No more ingrown hairs

Laser hair removal is the perfect alternative to waxing and shaving. Our treatments use laser diodes and crystal freeze technology that’s kind to the skin and prevents shaving rash, stubble and ingrown hairs.

Convenient and Affordable

Just a few laser hair removal treatment sessions can work wonders, meaning you could say goodbye to waxing and shaving. It’s the affordable way to care for your skin, allowing you to cross razors and waxing strips off of your shopping list forever.

Improved Skincare

Shaving and waxing can leave you with uneven and damaged skin. A course of laser hair removal will leave you with near-permanent results without the pigmentation that often comes with traditional treatments.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal treatments use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to target hair follicles. The medical-grade laser diodes damage or destroy the roots that sit below the surface of the skin, preventing future hair growth.

While many clients report almost immediate results, laser hair removal is most effective when a course of several treatments is taken. This allows for the laser diode technology to target hair follicles at different points throughout their growth cycle, preventing future hair growth.

Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal technology is suitable for use by men and women of all skin types and hair colours. These treatments are safe and suitable for all body parts and areas of the skin, including facial hair, leg hair, underarm hair, chest and back hair, and even the bikini area.

Safe and Certified

Infusion Wellbeing’s highly trained practitioners are affiliated with The Guild of Beauty Therapists, The Guild of Holistic Therapists, and the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology along with a wide array of other prestigious industry bodies. This means that you can rely on us to provide you with the quality of care you and your skin deserve.

We use only the latest technology and make it our priority to keep all laser hair removal patients safe, comfortable, and at ease throughout their treatment.

Long-Lasting Results




Why Choose Infusion Wellbeing in Milton Keynes?

We offer a complete package of laser hair removal treatments, all conducted using cutting edge laser diodes and the very latest crystal freeze technology.

Our careful, considered, and professional approach will not only leave you with long-lasting results but also ensure that your skin, body, and mind are cared for throughout the process.

Book your laser hair removal treatment today by contacting Infusion Wellbeing, and start your journey towards happier, healthier, hairless skin.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

There are no restrictions on what you should wear to undergo laser hair removal treatment. As a general rule, most patients choose comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the treatment area. Loungewear is very welcome!

It’s important to prepare your skin for laser hair removal treatments. Ahead of an appointment, you should make sure that the area has been closely shaved. Be sure to shave around any areas where you want hair to remain.

Patients should avoid makeup, lotion, and deodorant on the day – although these can still be applied away from the area that’s being treated. Tanning products should also be avoided for up to a fortnight before the treatment.

Laser hair removal treatments are not painful, but there are a number of effects patients should watch out for. Immediately after your treatment, you may notice bumps or redness where the lasers have done their work. This is completely normal, however you may wish to apply a cold compress if these symptoms persist.

You can expect hair follicles to begin shedding within a few days of your treatment, although this might not happen for up to a month. Hairs will fall out quickly and painlessly, with no need to pluck, wax, or shave them.

After your course of treatment, it’s important to treat your skin kindly and carefully.

Makeup, lotion, moisturiser, and deodorant should not be used on the target area for at least 24 hours after treatment. If you are struggling with soreness or the sensation of sunburn, try applying a cold compress.

The treated area should be washed gently with a mild soap. It should be patted dry and not rubbed, since this can cause irritation.

Patients should avoid scratching, waxing, tweezing, threading, or picking at the target area. While it can be tempting, these actions could prevent you from achieving the very best hair removal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases, our laser treatments cause a permanent reduction in hair growth, meaning our clients no longer have to shave or wax. The results achieved depend on the individual as their hair colour and type can affect the process. Any hair that does grow back is generally lighter, finer, and often even easier to remove.

Yes! Many clients find that laser hair removal provides them with more permanent results. Traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing and shaving can leave skin irritated and uneven, while our crystal freeze technology ensures that you’ll be left with smooth and silky skin every time.

The results achieved by a course of laser hair removal treatments depend on hair colour and type. Many clients report near-permanent results from laser hair removal, with a significant reduction in hair growth across all targeted areas.

Yes! Laser hair removal is safe and suitable for all skin types and ratings on the Fitzpatrick scale from the palest to the darkest of pigment. Whether you have fair or very very dark skin, our laser diode technology can be adjusted to provide you with flawless results every time.

Laser hair removal treatments can be administered anywhere on the body. Our professional technicians carefully adjust the lasers to ensure that the correct intensity is achieved for the treatment area, meaning that we can target hair on the legs, back, chest, underarms, bikini line, face, and stomach.

For best results, most patients require between two to six courses of laser hair removal treatment. These should be spread out over a period of time and be scheduled to suit you. Multiple treatments are required to consistently treat the hair follicles could otherwise lead to future hair growth.

Laser hair removal is completely safe at Infusion Wellbeing. Our highly trained beauty and wellness professionals operate carefully within all guidelines to ensure that our clients can benefit from the highest standards and the latest technologies.

Crystal Freeze technology is the most advanced hair removal system available on the market today. This hi-tech solution cools the treatment area during the laser removal process, allowing the lasers to glide across the skin and provide better results in a shorter time frame.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a concentrated light (a laser) to remove hair and prevent future growth. It’s a popular treatment that could leave you with clearer, smoother skin and a permanent reduction in hair growth around the target area. Other benefits include a reduction in ingrown hairs and less skin irritation.

Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types and can be extremely beneficial for those who struggle with sensitivity and other skin complaints. Using a precision hair removal laser, our technicians will ensure that your skin is safe and soothed throughout the process. Since laser hair removal targets hair growth at the root, it’s also much kinder to your skin that traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking, and waxing.

The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the number of treatments required along with a variety of other factors. The important thing to remember is that laser hair removal treatment courses can result in permanently reduced hair growth – meaning you could save money on razors and waxing for years to come!

Laser hair removal is popular for a reason – because it’s more effective than almost any other hair reduction technique. Some of the major benefits offered by laser hair removal include:

– A permanent reduction in hair growth as our treatments not only remove hair but target the hair follicle to prevent regrowth in the future.

– Fewer ingrown hairs, rashes, shadows, and no prickly skin as laser treatments mean you’ll no longer have to wax or shave.

– Improved skin tone and a kinder way to treat your skin than any traditional hair removal techniques.

– Improved confidence as just a few short sessions can remove unwanted hair and prevent it from growing back.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal treatments are unsuitable for those with blonde and grey hair. That’s because the technology works by targeting the pigment in hair to damage the follicle underneath. Lighter hair colours simply don’t have enough pigment for the laser to target effectively – meaning laser hair removal treatments are best suited to those with brown, dark brown, and black hair.

In most cases, patients are advised to wait for between four and eight weeks before undergoing further laser hair treatments. This delay ensures that any hairs missed by the previous treatment are caught in the right stage of growth the next time around.

While everyone has a different experience, properly administered laser hair removal treatments are not painful. People often compare the sensation of laser hair removal to the twang of an elastic band or light, warm pins and needles. Using unique crystal freeze technology with laser diodes, our treatments soothe the skin as they work to remove hair – preventing irritation and pain.

Laser hair removal is a straightforward process that removes unwanted body hair. It can lead to permanently reduced growth, reduce skin irritation, and help to soothe a variety of skin complaints. Many people consider laser hair removal treatments to be the best method of hair removal,  with a number of reported benefits.

For one thing, laser hair removal treatments are quick and usually far less painful than shaving or waxing. The treatments can be used on almost any part of the body, including the face, lip, back, lower body, and bikini area. Best of all, it’s a long-term solution that provides permanent results for many patients.

Laser hair removal treatments make use of a high-grade laser to target individual hair follicles and prevent future growth. The light energy emitted by the laser is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in hair, causing the follicle to overheat and damaging its base (called the bulb). This process is known as photothermolysis and it’s what causes a permanent hair growth reduction.