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What is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

Hollywood laser hair removal is one of the many laser hair treatments that we offer at our Milton Keynes clinic. This one is tailored to getting rid of your unwanted pubic hair. The hair is removed from the lower abdomen, the labia and the bum.

There are different styles for you to choose from when it comes to removing pubic hair. Hollywood specifically is the complete removal. This is also known as a full clearance. Other styles that you may consider include: Bikini, high bikini/ thong, Brazilian/ designer.

The Hollywood style in particular is extremely popular, it is the most common one in young women as pubic hair growth is not the fashion anymore.

If this interests you, then ring us up for a free consultation over the phone on this treatment. Or, you can book an appointment on our website.

Always a lovely time having a treatment with Alysha who is always professional and welcoming. I’m very glad I decided to have laser hair removal at her salon.



Cost of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal:
Our Hollywood laser hair removal treatment, at our Milton Keynes spa centre, costs £103. This will leave you with the bikini line you’ve dreamed about.

Benefits of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

Increased Self Confidence

Feel your confidence grow as you no longer have to worry about an unhygienic pubic area! Stay smooth and clean looking always.

Better Lifestyle

If you have an active lifestyle, this will be a huge benefit to you. Nothing to worry about and no irritations.

Saves Time

No more time worrying about when you can fit in a wax or shave when you can remove the hair permanently.

Safe and Reliable Hair Removal

Our Hollywood laser hair removal treatment in Milton Keynes is a popular remedy for the removal of pubic hair.

How Long Do Results Last?

In order to remove up to 90% of pubic hair, it will take around 10 sessions at our Milton Keynes wellbeing clinic. Then after this, only a couple maintenance sessions are needed each year. The longer you keep maintaining, the longer the results will last.

Not everyone’s results are the same, it can vary with different people. Factors that make it vary include: hair type, thickness, skin colour, skin types. If you have thicker hair, your results will be quicker than if your hair is thinner and smooth. Our treatment will only remove dark hairs, if you have blonde, red or grey hairs, please contact our clinic as this practice may not work for you.

How Long Between Each Session?

It is recommended to have a session every 4-6 weeks. This will allow time for healing and is more beneficial for you and your body.

What to do After a Session

After your pubic hair has been treated, you can apply cream and moisturiser to your skin, like you would do if you were shaving your legs or using wax.

Feel free to discuss this further at your appointment for the best remedies.

Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Hollywood laser hair removal can feel uncomfortable, like most laser hair removal treatments, whether it be your legs, upper lip, full face, chest, underarms, etc. Our specialists at Milton Keynes spa are qualified and trained to make this procedure as comforting as possible, however the nature of it can make some clients feel slightly uncomfortable.

Typical symptoms that clients feel during the procedure is a tingling feeling, as the laser is working with hair follicles underneath the skin.

Our treatment is specialised in a way to make you feel as little distress as possible. This is done by cold air being blown against the skin in order to relieve the skin from feeling pain.

At the start of the hair removal session, the specialist will apply either cooling gel, or numbing cream, to the pubic area to help ease any discomfort felt. We cannot guarantee that this will make it a pain free procedure, but it will certainly help.

If you are worried about your pain threshold, you can always get in touch with us and discuss a possible patch test.

Does Hollywood Body Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Ingrown Hair?

Yes! Hollywood laser hair removal successfully stops ingrown hair from appearing. Ingrown hairs are most commonly found in the pubic area of men and women, which is why we recommend treatments like this.

Causes of Ingrown Hair

If you shave, wax, or pluck your pubic hair, you are increasing your chances of getting ingrown hair. The advanced technology used in laser hair removal means that the laser goes deeper into the skin to stop the hairs turning under the skin.

These types of hairs can also become painful and infected, which is why you need to be careful.

Preparing For Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are many factors in which you can prepare yourself for laser hair removal in order to get optimum results. We have some recommendations for you, which include:

  • Avoid tanning prior to your session, this can be dangerous. We recommend 4 weeks of no tanning before your session.
  • Do not wax or pluck your pubic hairs before these treatments.
  • Do not wear tight clothing to your appointments.
  • Avoid caffeine before the session.
  • If possible, book your appointment on the weeks either side of your period.

Things to Remember

Customers approve of these sessions as an effective way to treat unwanted pubic hair. Our clinic is full of specialists that are qualified to deliver long lasting optimum results and give you the perfect bikini line. The results from our laser treatments are far better than those of waxing, shaving or plucking. If you are unsure about booking an appointment, then contact us before you do.

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Now you know what this procedure entails, say goodbye to waxing and shaving and start booking your sessions today!