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What is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal?

This particular hair removal procedure does not differ from the other hair removal practises we offer in Milton Keynes, which includes: legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders and face.

This treatment involves using a laser to destroy unwanted hair from your upper lip using light energy. In order to do this, the laser will beam onto any hair follicle located above your lip, turning it into dead hair. Once the hair has been removed completely, it will not grow back, meaning you will have a permanently smooth lip.

The low intensity laser light becomes attracted to the pigment melanin. This is found in abundance at the very bottom of the hair follicle, in the root. This is what allows the treatment to deny further hair growth.

This type of treatment is most popular amongst women as they desire permanent hair reduction to their upper lip as well as other parts of their face.

If you would like more information about what upper lip laser hair removal is, you can book a free consultation over the phone for further advice from the professionals at our Milton Keynes clinic.

Our specialists will create you a tailored treatment plan.

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Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Cost
This particular laser hair removal in Milton Keynes cost £35.

Self Confidence

Removing unwanted hair has been known to increase the confidence of our clients. Bringing back their beauty.

No Ingrown Hairs

Shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal gets rid of the hair follicles completely, which means you wont get ingrown hairs.

Smoother Skin

You wont be left with a stubble or any sharp hairs, just the smoothness of your own skin.

Cost Effective

Once this treatment has been completed, you wont need to constantly come back to it and spend money on it like with waxing and shaving. So overall, it is cost effective.

Is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes. This hair removal treatment is permanent and will remove your hair follicles.

Ensure that you are willing to lose your unwanted hair for good before you opt into the treatment. If you have any questions about body laser hair removal, then contact our team at our Milton Keynes clinic for free advice.

Is Laser Hair Removal On Your Upper Lip Painful?

Each client will experience different feelings. Typically, there isn’t a lot of pain felt, sometimes it can be described as a sharp pin prick, other times people say it is virtually pain free.

We do put this down to your pain threshold, hair type, skin type and other factors.

Due to it being the upper lip, the feeling may be more sensitive than other areas.

How Many Upper Lip Hair Removal Sessions are Needed?

In order to completely deny any further hair growth, we recommend a succession of appointments.

The amount needed will differ from patient to patient. This is based on hair types, skin types, etc. Book your consultation and our specialists will advise you on how many sessions you will need.

How Often Do You Need These Sessions?

Despite there not being as many hair follicles on your upper lip as apposed to other areas of your body, you still need to have multiple sessions for the treatment to be effective.

However, all treatments can’t be done in one go. It is recommended that you allow for at least a 48 hour break between each session. This break will allow for surrounding skin to heal and to make the next session as pain free as possible.

What To Expect After Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Treatment

After the unwanted hair has been removed, the skin may be sore to begin with, this is a natural side effect.

Again, the side effects you encounter will depend on skin types. We recommend applying moisturiser to the treated area to help the skin heal with ease, especially if you have sensitive areas of skin.

When Will You See Results From Treatment

Don’t worry, results are pretty quick!

To achieve complete hair free skin, it will take around 1 week. For some, permanent reduction may be sooner than others. If you are concerned about your results, then contact our Milton Keynes centre.

Preparing For Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

There are ways in which you can prepare for upper lip laser hair removal. Here are our best tips and advice for you:

  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Do not pluck or wax prior to sessions.
  • Avoid blood thinners.
  • Do not wear makeup to sessions.
  • Cleanse treatment area.

What To Wear To Treatments

What you wear doesn’t really matter, it won’t have any effect on the results. As long as the area being treated is uncovered, that is fine.

However, we want you to be as comfortable and pain free as possible, so we recommend wearing comfy clothing that is breathable, just in case you become hot or flustered.

Is it Safe?

A big concern for some clients is whether or not laser hair removal is safe. Not only that, but on your face in particular.

The answer is yes. Our advanced technology makes the process safe and as pain free as possible. This technology also means that no hair grows back.

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