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Improves Skin Tone & Muscle Tension

Bespoke Treatment

Bespoke Gel Nail Treatment

Infusion Wellbeing boasts a professional team of nail technicians offering a vast range of gel nail treatments for our customers. Our gel nail extensions are very long lasting and can last for over a month, depending on your nail type.

We have the latest nail technology and latest facilities in order to provide the best possible customer service. Our nail treatments include: Manicures, pedicures & extensions.

Our nail salon also has spa pedicure chairs with an inbuilt massage facility too if that is part of your treatment.

I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family. Always very professional and nice to others. I love having my treatments done there.



Gel Nail Treatment Cost:
Gel Nails manicure Regular – 40 mins – £30Gel Nails manicure Luxury – 60 mins – £49Gel Removal – 20 mins – £11
Gel Extensions – 90 mins – £45Gel Infills – 90 mins – £35Nail Art – 5 mins per nail – £1.21 per nail.
Children’s manicure/pedicure – 40 mins – £17Gel Repairs – 15 mins – £4 per nailGel Extension repair – 20 mins – £6 per nail

Benefits of Nail Treatment

Long Lasting

One of the best benefits to gel polish is the fact that it’s long lasting. Many clients prefer this as you get to show off your beautiful nails for longer. This type of nail polish lasts a lot longer than regular nail polish.


Gel nails give your nails more protection from being damaged, which is a common issue amongst clients.

Feel Natural

Despite them not being natural, in most cases, you can’t tell! Our gel treatments are so good that your nails will actually look and feel like they are natural.

Dries Quickly

Gel polish dries a lot quicker than most others.

Risks of Gel Nails

Prior to booking one of our nail treatments, it’s important you are aware of any possible risks that may occur, however this is not to say that there will be any risks.

  • In some cases, the treatments can cause your natural nails to thin.
  • The UV light from the lamps that are used to set gel manicures can have similar side effects to sunbeds, which has been reported to lead to cancer. If you are worried about this, then get in touch with our team who will talk you through the pedicure and manicure treatments.
  • There is a slight chance of infection after treatment. This can be from the gel polish and it all depends on the individual and how their skin reacts.

How Often Should You Get These Treatments in Our Nail Salon?

This all depends on how long your nails last. Normal nail polish can come off after a few weeks, where as the gel polish is much more effective and can last even longer than a month. Speak to our nail technician who will be able to examine your nails and provide an estimate.

Other types of polish lasts longer than regular polish. For example if you are wanting chrome nails, they can also last for up to a month.

Wide Selection of Treatments

In our Milton Keynes centre, we have a range of different nail treatments for you to choose from, all with different purposes.

We offer gel nails manicure express treatments and gel pedicure express treatments. The gel express treatments include the nails being filled to the desired shape, with cuticle work and nail prep. Gel and cuticle oil is applied.

The other type of treatments are the gel manicure luxury treatment and the gel pedicure luxury treatment. The gel manicure luxury includes the same as the express, as well as some extras. A moisture mask is applied to the hands and arms with a massage. Then an exfoliating scrub is applied to the hands and arms.

The gel luxury pedicures include your feet being soaked in the foot spa, along with your feet being rasped to remove dead skin. Your nails are filed, a moisture mask is applied to your legs and feet with a massage and an exfoliating scrub is applied to your feet and legs.

We also provide a full set of gel extensions.

Different Between Gel and Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails can set naturally without the help of any sort of equipment, whereas gels need a lamp with UV light in order to set properly. This could be a reason why some people choose acrylic nails over gels when at the nail salon. If you are unsure which is best for you, speak to our nail technician today.

Gel nails have a more natural looking appearance on hands, which help them become a popular choice. Despite acrylics still looking amazing, they don’t have that glossy finish which so many people crave.